RAD Ballet

Ballet students from Age 4 are guided through the stages using the Royal Academy of Dance syllabi. Cliona is a highly qualified teaching member of the RAD. The RAD provide a world renowned programme of training for classical ballet, constantly updating and moving with the times to provide training suitable for today’s children and students. Click here to read more from the RAD.

We run grade & vocational level classes in ballet encouraging the joy of movement in children and a love of dance. Students can pursue their dreams, whether that is to complete their exams, perform on stage or just have a fun class.

The Budding Ballerina!

Children from the age of 3yrs are introduced to the world of ballet in a fun and age appropriate way. We bring the magical stories of The Budding ballerina Fairies to life through dance, music, mime and play. While learning and developing valuable motor skills, the children are encouraged through imagination, role play and the use of props. The Budding Ballerina Stories are designed to encounter scenarios close to our younger students hearts from getting through a nervous first day in a new dance school to making new friends and sharing adventures! The role play in this class will encourage the beginning of the confidence, discipline and friendships attributed to the wonderful world of Dance!!!!!

Modern Dance

​Modern theatre dance compliments ballet technique well, while also encouraging the development of rhythm, musicality and performance in a fun way. It is a fundable foundation of Jazz Dance and will further enhance your child’s dance training.

All of our Modern theatre classes are taught through the ISTD syllabi. While we have a huge emphasis on free jazz we also offer the students graded and vocational exams in the ISTD syllabus. Click here to read more from the ISTD.


Our Hiphop classes are high energy classes with all the latest moves and songs from the charts. Not only will our hiphop class encourage all students to dance to their favourite songs the class also focuses on stretching and conditioning the body.

Musical Theatre

The focus of this class is vocal training and performance. The main aim in this class is to encourage confidence and stage presence. Students will explore the characters, stories and accents of Musical theatre with our highly experienced teachers. If a Student wishes to pursue a career in the performance industry or wishes to sing recreationally you can be assured that at Encorps we make certain that we provide all the ingredients to help every Student enjoy the process of learning how to Sing so that they can do so to the best of their ability.


This class utilises the Horton, Limon and Graham techniques, emphasizing alignment, technique, space, energy and release. We will challenge students to explore these elements within the warm up, centre work and combination, whilst having fun and enjoying this wonderful art form!